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Welcome to the first gallery. This gallery features 3d erotic comix images from some of the regularly scheduled artists at H.I.P. Comix: Jpeger, Badaboom, Doc Robo and Finister a.k.a. FinisterFoul.

The quality and coolness-factor of these images is extremely high, have a look!

Please note: These images have been reduced in size and quality. See the full-sized high-res images inside H.I.P. Comix!
Lesbian sex erotic comix Erotic drawings and story by JPEGER Adult 3d nudes Comix issue cover from the 'Blunder Woman' series by JPEGER

The two rows above and below here are the work of Jpeger, who I believe is the original founder of H.I.P. Comix. Bit of lesbian sex going on in the top images, and on the right is one of the covers from his fairly well-known 'Blunder Woman' series. Those are some EXTREMELY TASTY 3d nudes!

Then check the test renders on the left below. Yeah man, those are DRAWINGS! I think you should try to appreciate the level of detailed work that must go into creating images like that. Or perhaps you prefer to appreciate the sweat-glistening breasts on the babe to the right?

Test Render of 'VEX' by JPEGER 'Vex' - Incredible 3d erotic artwork 3D adult comix

The bottom row features the works of erotic 3d artists Badaboom, Doc Robo and Finister.

I included the middle Superheroine Squad cover (Issue #21 incidentally) 'cuz I just think it's cool. By this time in this long-running comix series, many of the superheroines have been ASSIMILATED. Will the remaining three superheroines be able to save them?

'Robounit' by BADABOOM Top-quality adult drawings H.I.P. Comix Issue Cover from the 'Superheroine Squad' series 3d erotic artwork samples 'Whiplash - Heroines in Bondage Peril' by FINISTER

Keep in mind too these images have been compressed. As a last note for this gallery, the magazine cover on the right is out of this world. (That's Finister a.k.a. FinisterFoul's handiwork.)

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